It took me a day or two after arriving Berlin to finally do my ‘poo poo’ on the old toilet bowl. First time I did it only when I couldn’t hold it any longer and it was frightening to see my own shit sitting on the old German toilet bowl staring back at me. The shapes and sizes and the smell of it makes me feel like watching an horror movie. It was so clear to see the result of what I eat…

The strange design of the old toilet bowl in Berlin has a plantform between where my ass rests and the hole with water. My thing would first drop onto the platform, may be 10cm below my ass, before I flush it down. I am trilled and feel handicapped when cleaning, thinking of the hand may accidentally touch it.

The design certainly eliminates splashing possibility as the modern bow does nowadays, and I’m very much hated the splash. After using it quite regularly now I started to enjoy pooing and not worrying the shitty splashing on my ass. Staring back at the poo poo becomes more natural as well. “I might consider to replace this German designed toilet bowl with the modern ones when I finally buy an apartment.” I said to Alex.