We decided to take a local bus to visit Kolkata’s botanic garden. Somehow, these buses shine in their ‘classical look’ and charming decoration. The Kolkata map we bought was totally hopeless in directing us to the destination. So, we acquired assistant from the man to sold us the map. He was so helpful that ended up took responsibility to direct us wherever we wanted to go.


To botanic garden, follows the steps below:

1. Walk to Maiden bus station
2. Check the busesto botenic garden
3. Board the bus

It sounds easy. To walk from Sudder street to Maiden bus station may take only 15 minutes, but it could caused me nerves breakdown – We were constantly threaten by irresponsible drivers who may or may not drive on the roads, Alex was nearly run over by a motorbite. A big bus drove on the walking pavement for a short cut to the opposite lane.


Finally we found the bus station, but people at the bus counter didn’t seem to know how their buses run, We were sent from one platform to another, walking around like mad dogs trying to catch the right bus. We asked million of bus drivers (we didn’t trust instruction given by non-driver) until nearly everybody knew us.


In contrary, the journey sitting on the local buses was generally pleasant. We avoided rush hour overcrowding and hope to reduce chances for pickpocketing. In fact, the conductors and even passengers were very helpful and friendly to us. There were seats dedicated for ladies passengers too, so nice!