Chiang Jing Ying – a Malaysian, artist and art educator.

The idea of traveling around the “world” has been my dream for a substantial length of time. My previous job gave me 13 weeks holiday every year, but still, I was so burned out during work days and I spent most of the holiday recovering my wounded soul.

So, taking one year off is a natural process…

The trip supposes to set off in mid 2004. Unfortunately it didn’t happen due to other unseen commitment. This time (end of 2005), I persuaded Alex, a crazy architect, to quit her job and join me for this adventure…

Alexandra Zech – a German, architect.

I met Jing in early 2005 where she told me about her plan to travel “around the world” for one year. I was very fascinated and cannot admit even envy her for the courage for such a mission. Now finally she is on the way to make her dream come true and I have the chance to join her and to live this dream for myself.

This blog was initially set up to create a communicative platform for our families and friends, to follow us and be a part on our journey “around the world”. After 5 months on the road, it has evolved into a form of serious documentation of what we see and how we feel. We try to capture the nooks and crannies we encounter everyday.

This blog is mostly updated via Internet cafes in countries we travel. Hence, it posts great challenge as most of the Internet cafes in these regions are quite slow. We have come to terms that it is common to sit for hours and nothing gets done. So please be patient if you don’t see any new posts here…

(updated 30 Dec 2007)
Our initial 12 months journey became 16 months. It ended finally when our cash flow ran out. However, we like to keep this site alive. We will still update our new experiences here on a regular basis.