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“…Die gute Katholikin Elisabeth Rother kennt kein Tabu, ganz egal, ob es sich um ihr Ehebett, um die Juden, um den Lieben Gott oder um die Gestapo handelt. Allerdings gibt es keine Katastrophe, nicht einmal die Flucht nach Amerika oder der Zweite Weltkrieg, die sie so sehr beschäftigt wie ihr weitverzweigter Clan. Irene Dische löst ein ewiges Problem der Literatur: das der Autobiografie. Bekanntlich verstrickt sich jeder in ein Lügenknäuel, der sein eigenes Leben beschreiben will. Aus diesem Dilemma befreit sich die Autorin, indem sie sich dem gnadenlosen Blick ihrer überlebensgroßen Großmama aussetzt.”



‘Wer historische Romane liebt is Tanja Kinkel und ihren Romanen schon länst über den Weg gelaufen. Ihr gutes Gespühr für ungewöhnliche Persönlichkeiten der Geschichte beweist Sie auch hier. Ihre Erzählung über diese ungewöhnliche Frau des 12Jh hat mich fasziniert.’ Alex

‘My urge to know how the story will end drove me to ask my dear friend Ilse te lend me the book. What an adventure I made during the last 3 days. The book set my Potter-World uside-down. A must for all Potter-Fans.’ Alex

‘Well I tried to read the book 3 times in my past and as one says ‘all good things are 3′ only the last time it was succesfull.

Well Harry hit the puberty and the book too. I felt it was more a link between the previous adventure and what will come next. So the book hit the puberty too in a way and in that case it reflected the process of the maincharakter well

To skip here and there some pages will not hurt the story but who wants to miss out a Potterbook when there are only 2 more to come.’ Alex

‘I slept through while watching its midnight show and couldn’t pull myself in to finish reading it… hopefully one day I will…’ Jing

‘Scoble and Isreal really understand the issues of corporate blogging well. They discuss why it’s important for businesses of all sizes to engage in this new form of communication with their customers and of course, the danger of not participating.’ Michael Gartenberg, Vice President & Research Director, Jupiter Research

‘Naked Conversations… covers the bases with real-world examples and insights for anyone who might have a stake in communicating, or conversing, in an era in which subjects can be exposed and laid bare at Internet scale, and participation and honesty rather than obfuscation and subterfuge hopefully prevail.’ Dan Farber, Editor in Chief, ZDNET

‘Biz Blogging… WORKS. It is of … MONUMENTAL IMPORTANCE.’ From the Foreward by Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence

‘After 10 months of diligently blogging while travelling, especially seeing our blog stat went up to 11,000 hits (an average of 1100 hits per month) as well as people visited Long Pasia via reading our posts, we wonder what is going on. Naked Conversations answers our doubts and wonders…’ Jing

‘This little book is more important than your first aid kit (…). The best book I’ve used for any serious outdoor activity.’ Tim MacCartney Snape, Mountaineer (Australia)

‘… bursting at the seams with sound advice on travel problems (…) and comprehensive enough to cope with almost anything, this book is easy to follow and easy to carry.’ Traveller Magazine (UK)

‘Picking up this book from a local bookshop in Kathmandu is one of my most valuable purchase. While I was sitting in the toilet suffering from severe diarrhoea, Alex was reading through this little book trying to find out what goes wrong. The book then gives us an understanding of the different types of diarrhoea, the causes and cures. The information is remarkably comprehensive for us to go through the crisis.’ Jing

“… stimulating ways in to new subjects.”

“… a thoroughly good idea. Snappy, small-format… stylish design… perfect to pop into your pocket for spare moments” Lisa Jardine, The Times

“A very good idea, these Very Short Introductions, a new concept from OUP” Nicholas Lezard, Guardian

“I love to have compact, short and professional knowledge about subjects I was always interested in. These books are your entrance for many new areas.” Alex

“Munro’s stories enact a sort of magic. A beautiful, echoing collection, and a demonstration of perfected and unflinching form” By Ali Smith, Scotsman

It is almost impossible to describe their unforced exactness, their unrushed economy… Munro has a genius for evoking the particular and peculiar atmostphere of relationships, their unspoken pressures and expectations” By Sunday Times

“These stories are breathtaking – they leave you winded with their toughness and brilliance.” Helen Simpson, Guardian, Books of the Year

“Your will find yourself reflected in characters created by Alice Munro because life itself is the story teller. Her art is to capture the moments in a special way that they reach our hearts and we get touched deep inside. ” Alex

“Both Sciences, Ayurveda and aromatherapy, offer hope for the healing of mankind, and this book is a huge contribution to their joining. The book’s stepbystep self diagnoses of metabolic types and “how to use” format make it easy for the Western mind to understand and apply these important healting modalities.” By Harvey Diamond, Co-Author, Fit for Life 

“Most Inspiring! Full of practical and insightful information. This book comes from the heart.” By Brigitte Mars, Unitea Herbs, Boulder, Colorado

“I believe that aromatherapy and Ayurveda are the most powerful synergy available to North Americans for those who wish to take a quantum leap towards achieving optimum health. The Millers are two of our favorite teachers. I trust that this book will impact you in a healthy way, as it has touched us.” By Jean Pierre and Kate Ross LeRlanc (Founders of Aroma Joy, British Columbia, Canada

“…This book is for those persons who are looking for a natural way to obtain and maintain a healthy, normal weight. It blends a 6,000 years old Ayurvedic knowledge with modern day science. It also explains the biochemical, hormonal and embryological reasons that people lose or gain weight differently. Dividing body types into three categories is helpful to the individual. You can then follow recommendations more specific to your own body’s requirement: an excellent book.” By Betty M. Martinez, M.D. Holistic Family Physician 

“…Certainly, any physician interested in alternative approaches to health care will benefit by reading Dr. Thompson’s book.” By R. Michael Cessna, D.C. DABCI

“…Dr. Dennis Thompson has done a tremendous job in making Ayurvedic nutrition accessible for today’s needs. I highly recommend his work for it’s immense value in helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle.” By Dr. Abbas Qutab, M.D., D.C.


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