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The name AAcocoon came up while we were sitting on the ‘monkey train’ feeling bored. As we always believe that great masters stood out from the most chaos. In our case, great idea came from the most boredom. To avoid sitting on the ‘suicide buses’ for our longest travel journey in Sri Lanka – from Colombo to Anuradhapura, we trapped in the usual scam of train ride expecting 4 hours journey turned out to be 6.5 hours. It made a huge different if it arrived at 2pm or 4.30pm… We missed our lunch.

The two of us sat side by side in hunger and speechless, fixed our vision on the window, the only place we can rest our eyes on without feeling dizzy. The train was shaking so much that a blur Alex constantly appeared, and the incredibly loud banging noise came from below shaked our inner world. Despite wobbling and moving, the train was indeed inching forward in turtle speed. Ah! We were sitting in a running antique…

“Why not we set up a company?” The two of us chatted away after 4 hours of silence. The conversation was slowly weaved in the discussion we had the night before – one of those night that we questioned the whole purpose of our trip and life and the universe…

“AA stands for architect and artist. A hint of the business nature of our company.”

“Jingalex sounds good to me too.”

“Jingalex is for blogging our trip.”

“What about AJ – Alex and Jing.”

“Yuck. It doesn’t sound right. No substance. AA sounds better.”

“AA Studio.””AA creation”

The AA… we had great fun.

“AA Cocoon.” Cocoon sounds good.

“It sounds great but too many A and O to type for an URL.”

A cocoon, A (square) Cocoon, AKocun, Aacocun… We tried some self-inventing spellings.

Still at the end, AACOCOON was what we’d chosen.

Later, on the google’s online chat, we told our baby Ed.

‘What are you going to sell?’

‘Creativity’ I wrote.

It is still cocooning… it can be anything or nothing…


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