Back on familiar ground, back to Berlin.

I left Germany 3 years ago and visited my home country only twice for 10 days in 2005. To be back for a 1 month period feels strange. I face that life has moved on with everybody we met and my life too. Many things look so familiar but feel so foreign and not belonging to me any more. Some friends ask me if it is not nice to be back or if I feel home again. I actually don’t know maybe somewhere in between.


After spending the last week mainly on the telephone talking, arranging meetings and running through Berlin to catch up with friends I feel a bit more grounded. With some it feels like nothing had separated us and with some there are new bridges to built. All in all I started rooting a bit and hope to take Jing with me. Germany or even Europe has a very dominant fragrant that makes it hard to be a part of the continental life easily. Compared to India or Asia in general where you gain fast a feeling of belonging to this colorful world. Asia is more organic and soft very easy to find your own place. On the ‘old’ continent structures a much harder and you have to make yourself fit in.

We are excited to stay on, to see what will happen and get challenged once more.