Remember nearly a year ago when I first moved into our new home, it was right into active mosquito breeding season (March-June). After that, we enjoyed relatively peaceful time until these couple of months, little annoyances are back.

These time, though, we are slightly better prepared. Mosquito nets are generally fixed on some openings, incense oil (lemon grass) and burner are in place. But we still can’t enjoy completely mosquito free environment. They seem to become smarter and harder to catch.

Once again, I went online to recap the previous tricks and tips of getting rid of them. Here’re the findings:

Quick and Dirty Mosquito Trap



From DIY Happy

Mosquito trap using UV lights and fan


Bought one of this. However, it doesn’t really work as effective as I want. It only works effectively for the first couple of hours. Anyway, I kill more mosquitos by my hands than this.