Our home needs some Thai triangular cushion seats. So, I was planning a short trip to someway nearby for shopping, massage as well as sourcing the Thai cushion. Ho Chi Minh City came into picture just because its airfare is cheap – S$4.99 to S$9.99 – so we spent S$350 for a pair of flight tickets.

My first impression of Ho Chi Minh City is the city not as congested and polluted as I imagine. However, she isn’t a great city to visit. For massage, yes! Cheap and nice.

The latest edition of Lonely Planet travel guide book, published one year ago, no longer provide accurate information due to the rapid changing of this city. In term of shopping, sadly said that we couldn’t get anything we wanted. Personally I feel the prices here are rather high, and most of them in US dollars. So far, Luang Brabang (Laos), Bangkok (Thailand) and Katmandu (Nepal) are still remain on our top list for shopping.

It is amazing to see these huge bunch of cables hanging above the streets and they still work. Furthermore, I wonder how do they fix it when power fails.