Flipping through tons of home deco magazines and carried back books on “loft” design during Takashimaya sales, home make-over ideas were generated from very minimal to extremely elaborate – re-doing the toilet, tear down wall and create another entrance and build a loft etc. But at the end, due to the recent higher cost of living and inflation, “Only do the essential.” Alex says. I am still unemployed, sure I agree. Since then, we have been cracking our head to build a cosy home with little budget. “There are 2 things in life which we drain our saving away.” David from our favorite David’s Antiques once told me. “Getting married and getting new house. You can’t avoid it.”

Yesterday we visited our friend Thomas’ home – a stylish two bedrooms apartment in the same boutique development. He has furnished it with Barang Barang’s dark teak wood furniture, using few selective color range and make it looks classy and expansive – good model of million dollar home.

Ours? An old clock; 2 colonial arm chairs David’s Antiques; 4 panels of old window frames we salvaged from a construction site; a street sign we picked up in Berlin and of course the rest are mostly Ikea stuff. Not to mention couple of the huge potted plants that the old owner left us with plus Swee Yin’s kind donation of some pots. Well at least, we have very nice elements to start with…

Joerg describes our home, “It is growing organically day by day…” Alex’s vision is creating a paradise in the mist of mismatching.