Recently I have been digging through books and search engines try to find out various ways to pest control this little creature – Mosquitos! Our new home is invaded by mosquitos as it is surrounded by plants and vegetation. It may be breeding season now too. Checking with my neighbors, apparently they are also recently disturbed by mosquitos, and raising awareness of its hazardous.

There are many different species of mosquitos here. It makes my earlier attempts of using environmental friendly pest control failed. Then I explore other options – anti-mosquito body spray, close doors and windows, incant stick, mosquito coil, mosquito net, UV light trap, mosquito plants etc. There all has its pros and cons. Some methods can only temporarily keep them away (10-15 minutes) and the hassle is back again. There are no one method works for all. A combination of a few ways is essential.

There are a few methods that I use and find it effective:

  1. Mosquito net or screen. It blocks out 100% of mosquitos if it seals properly. I started making screens on windows, it certainly helps maintaining air flow (instead of closing off windows). However, I am suffocated sleeping in mosquito net. Otherwise, it certainly helps a great deal for a peaceful resting night. There are ready-made DIY net for window screen using either velcro or magnetic strips in Home Fix or Self Fix. There are also contractors specialized on making window screen or door screen as well. I opt for lower cost DIY, I bought some screens from Sungai Road’s hardware store, and bought some strong magnetic strips from Art Friends or other hardware store.
  2. Burning 100% pure essential oil of lemon grass and/or citronella. Citronella tends to have stronger smell, so I generally prefer lemon grass. Not all essential oil is effective though, especially the fragranced ones.
  3. Mosquito trap. There are different models and sizes, price ranges from S$99 – S$999 or more. This trap has claimed the most effective mosquito control. However, imagine a piece sitting in your house and it often does not match with your interior design.

Other tips and tricks:

  1. Make sure there is no standing water.
  2. Mosquito is active during sunrise and sunset. Make sure the doors and windows are close (if without screen) during this period of time.