One of our favorite Hong Kong originated dessert is Ginger milk. I am dying to learn how to make it since the first time I tasted it (many years ago). In Singapore, one famous place for this dessert is located in Chinatown. Remembered once I asked to see the chef making it, but they told me that it is their trade secret, can’t share. Fine!

Thank goodness while we are staying with Chang, his sister visits him and taught us how to make it. “It is very simple… very very simple” She said. The catch for making Ginger Milk is the temperature of the milk, and the proportion between milk and ginger. Proportion: a bowl of milk vs a table spoon of ginger.

Firstly, preparing ginger: We shred a few pieces of ginger and squeeze/filter out the juice in a bowl.

Secondly, preparing milk: Dissolve one spoon full sugar in milk, then use low heat and heat it in a pan and stir. Once it reaches a simmer (first sight of steam raises), turn off the heat immediately.

Finally, pour the heated milk with sugar quickly into the bowl of ginger juice and wait for about two to three minutes. The milk will then solidify like a curd.

Alex is watching to catch the first sight of smoke…