This list is more suitable for backpack traveler…


1. Trolley luggage (if you have bad back) or backpack
2. Day pack (for essential items and short daily trip around the travel destination)
3. Money belt (esp. to 3rd world countries)
4. Wallet


1. Singlets or/and T-shirts or/and shirts (max. 4 pcs)
2. Pants (3 pcs)
3. Underwears (7 days cycle)
4. Socks (3 pcs)
5. Shoes (sandal, tracking shoes)
6. Nightshirt (soft and comfortable)
7. Rain gear (coat or umbrella)
8. Extra warmth fleece or wool (for cold weather)
9. Coat or Jacket (for cold weather)
10. Hat/cap


1. Daily skin care items (essential: face wash)
2. Dental Care (toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss)
3. Shampoo and soap (option: all in 1)
4. Nail clipper, a pair of small scissors
5. Toilet paper (essential item esp. in 3rd world countries)
6. Sanitary napkins or tampons (for ladies of course)
7. Alum stone (use as deodorant) or deodorant
8. Insect repellent (Citronella)


1. Fever tablets (Paracetamol 500mg)
2. Antihistamine and nasal decongestant (Clarinase)
4. Charcoal tablets
5. Motion sickness pills (Travel Calm Ginger)
6. Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS)
7. Vitamins (especially Vitamin C) and Minerals
8. Antibiotic (optional)

Important items

1. Passport (make sure it is valid at least 6 months)
2. Visas
3. Identification Card (ID)
4. Photocopies of important documents (i.e. passport, visas & ID card)
5. Air Ticket
6. Cash – US $
7. Traveler cheques (Personally I don’t find it useful nowadays)
8. International Bank a/c with debit & credit cards


1. PDA handphone
2. Camera
3. MP3 Player


1. First Aid kit
2. Sewing kit
3. Swiss Army Knife
4. Torch
5. Drawing kit + sketch book
6. Sun glasses
7. Locks
8. Zip bags
9. Guide book and maps

The main key: if you haven’t used the things in your bag for more than 2 weeks, you can consider to dumb it (but except. medication)