Not long ago I started longing for having my own home. Especially the cost of living in Singapore has become so high that living out of a rented apartment is no longer the best choice. So, we started our house hunting even before we touched down on Singapore and prepare every necessities to ease the process of getting the place.

It didn’t take us long to find one – an apartment nearly end of the world, just barely big enough for the two of us, in a barely affordable price. However, let’s put the idea of investment aside, it worth more than enough to substitute our future rental. Despite the long journey to our workplace, we love its quiet location, peaceful environment and the opportunity of various outdoor activities. A good get away for the weekend.

Our future home

The furniture belongs to the current owner

We love this patio

When we get the key to the house in March, we will have an empty living room and bed room, but fully furnished kitchen and bathroom. So, riding on the Lunar New Year sales, we bought 2 arm chairs and a side table for the living room, and a mattress in the bedroom. This would be the start of our new life in new apartment.

Really looking forward to it…