End of November we moved to Sean’s place. It is so good to have friends that are so supportive and tolerance to take us 2 crazy chicks into their place. (Now I have an urge to get a laptop too.) All of us got addicted to facebook. So our evenings look mostly like this.


This is my first time living in a HDB (Housing and Development Board) flat of Singapore. With the exploiding housing rents most of us ‘Ang mos’ don’t have a choice then leaving our comfortable condos behind and moving into this legoland houses. They are comfortable though just the view is crappy lah.


All pipes are exposed in the shower rooms. So I can hear thundering water flushing through the pipes from 10 floors above every now and then… uuhhhg


These niches get used for hanging laundry but you better don’t cross them downstairs. Flying banana skin is the best that can drop on you… I tell you.