Oh no, our last stop!

Now it is definite truth we are going back to Singapore. Our last stop will be Bangkok but that’s it. Shit 16 month is not enough. Our money isn’t enough either. So after getting scared by Jorg about the crazy developments in Singapore we decided to go straight back home. Our plans to go China are anyway screwed up. The embassy of China in Berlin does not process foreign passport. Very funny isn’t it. In Bangkok, Katmandu and Delhi everything is possible but not in Berlin.


So we booked the cheapest flight to Singapore which was from Düsseldorf. Thank god we found a great place to stay. Student-friends of my father took us in. Even though it was full house with granddaughter they found a place for us to sleep for one night.

We had only a few hours before dawn but still did some sightseeing. It was highly interesting. The architecture along the old port and the city centre was inspiring. We loved the merging of old and new. After walking for hours we just made it back in time for dinner.





Mr. Gehry left his mark. What followed after this is clear…copy paste lah….