I can rest now. Jing was so crazy about seeing and taking the German bullet train, how she calls it or how we say the ‘ICE’. It was more or less by accident that we took the train for a very short stretch from Braunschweig to Berlin that Saturday night. 


It was our last visit at my oldest brother’s place before taking off to Singapore. So sadness was there and not to know when I will be able to visit them again. That funny thing is that this family loves to travel but more or less in Europe only. Their passion and heart is with European history and culture. So it is hard to get them on a 10 hours flight to Singapore if there a hundreds of secrets just in front of their door step. Even my attractive nature does not help.


But here now I was happy to give Jing the chance to have a trip on the fancy train for 1.5 hours. I think she really enjoyed it. Day’s later she was still complaining that all the month before we where traveling in the common couches and did not enjoy the comfort of this train species before.