I am accompanied by the blue dot since end 1992.

3 month of work just passed like nothing. When I started the work it felt like too many days ahead and now it is over. The change from travelling to work wasn’t as difficult as you might think. To get up every morning knowing that I had something to do and that I will meet my cool colleagues was energizing. I really enjoyed the social contacts, the small talks and long talks, the work and the boring meetings. To come back here to Berlin was like coming home. I met Ilse, Jorge, Hanjo, Valentine and Silke all of them old friends. Many new relationships build up.


The office itself hadn’t changed at all. Ok my old seat was blogged by Jutta but I got the chance to sit in the princess audience room, the old office manager barn. Empty for decades it became a cosy room for Isa and me. Well, the place is a bit cut off from the rest of the crowed but I didn’t mind. Later I still got the chance to sit for 1 month at my old place opposite Ilse.

Thanks to the seat change Hanjo recognized that I always start singing after lunch. I cannot explain why but maybe it supports my digestion system. At the end I heard him singing once or twice too. I am sad leaving this place a 3rd time. First I left to finish my studies, then to go to Singapore and now I am leaving for Singapore again. It is really like a family and I feel like dropping by many more times in the future just to see how my friends are doing.