Yesterday was a tiring day… a class excursion in the morning and making sushi in late afternoon. And in between… shopping for food!

In the morning, my language teacher Mr. Christo organised an excursion. It started from Mittel all the way to the Deutsche Historische Museum. The morning walk along Mittel was great – a blessed weather, clear blue sky and fresh air. Whereas, the Museum is huge and tons of stuff in there. It is impossible for me to grasp what I have seen. I guess the second or a third visit necessary for getting a hang of it.

So, my whole morning was walking, seeing, walking, reading, walking, thinking and walking… I was exhausted when I finally got home around 3pm.

At 5pm, I was all up and excited again as I was making sushi for the first time in my life. I had been doing some checking on the Internet and got all possible recipe or cooking method or whatever I can get. A Japanese classmate Keiko of mine demonstrated the rolling process and provided me some warning and tips.

The rice was cook surprisingly well. A good start but only enough for 2.5 rolls. So, I cooked a second pot of rice (this time, too much). My first roll was a disaster. I did all the mistakes which Keiko had warned (I then fully understand what she meant). Rolling the second one, all the mistakes had learned and it was visually look good.

At the end, we had 6 rolls with different fillings. Great experiment with the vegetarian sushi.

Today, what should I do with the excess sticky rice from last night? Well, thanks to Google search engine and I found this recipe:


And the highlight was in the ingredient: 3 Cups Cooked glutinous rice, one day old

See: Rosas Yummy Yums

Let’s see what comes out tonight…