I just paid the second month school fee and the next thing I realised that my original class was shut and we were put into a combined two classes for the rest of the month. We are now having 24 students instead of 12. The class was noisy and the progress was turtle slow. So both students and our new teacher Mr. Jacob were rather unhappy with the current situation.

During the break, a student organised our complain and right after school, we flooded into the administrative office to protest. Obviously the administrators were shock to see so many students came and negotiation took place in no time.

Afer a rather long discussion, assessing the different options we could get – “…opening a new class, hiring a teacher…”, which was what we suggested. Where else the admin side argued that 24 students is a normal class size. We lost our battle. However, negotiation continued and finally a lady who looked authoritative suggested another solution – some of us may consider transfering to the morning class which only 11 students at present and the school fee remains the same for this month only (school fee is usually slightly higher in the morning classes). It is perfect for me! I was orginally planning to sign up for the morning class but unwilling to pay extra…

So, at the end, 4-5 of us are transfering to the morning class starting next Monday. At night, Alex and I were briefly calculating how much the school earns out of its students and we realised that the school would barely cover its cost by having 10 students in a class…

On Monday Alex and I, we both get out of the house together except one heading to school and the other heading to work. And I have the whole afternoon free for myself! Yipee!