On Tuesday my highly animated teacher Mr. Olaf told us, “xxxxxxxooooooxxxxxoo oooxxxxxooo test xxxxoooooxxxxxxoooo oxxxxxoooo Freitag (Friday) xxxxoo oooox xxxxooo ooxxxxxoooo.” Then he wrote on the board, ‘12.30 – 1.45’… then he asked, “OK?”

What can I say? NO?

After 10+ years of setting test questions and now I am going to sit for my first German test on Friday! How irony is it. Am I ready for it? No, not really. The Artikel makes me crazy…

In German, every nouns have their gender indications – Male (der), female (die) or neutral (das).

E.g. Sonne (Sun) is a female while Mond (moon) is a male. So, when we say:

the sun, in German = die Sonne

and the moon = der Mond

while the child = das Kind (neutral gender)

and the girl = das Mädchen (neutral gender as well)

while the boy = der Junge

and so on.

This grammatical rule called der Artikel. In shorter than 3 weeks I have learned more than 2000 nouns and their changable facet. It is such a terrior to memorize them.