I have seen many postcards which has featured pictures of the Holocaust Memorial and I always urge to go. After many months living in Berlin finally I went…


The catastrophic events in Germany between 1933 and 1945 contain countless horrific images and chilling visuals, and this Memorial represents the past events in an abstract manner. Designed by Peter Eisenman, the monument commemorate “the murdered Jews of Europe” during the Holocaust.


The memorial is sized around three acres, consists of an underground museum and the monumental Field of Steles, an open area contains 2,711 concrete slabs of various heights. The slabs are on uneven ground and they reach loftier heights toward the center of the field.


Walking through the grid of steles generates the feeling of getting deeper and deeper into darkness, as the sky becomes blocked and the slabs become more imposing. This is meant to cause a feeling of helplessness and despair, just as the victims of the Holocaust fell deeper into the downward spiral of horror as the war progressed.


Personally I think the grid of steles has successfully imparted a feeling of helplessness. Alex and I were playing hide and seek between the slabs. As soon as Alex was out of sight, I was attacked by strong sense of lost, claustrophobic, confuse and even despair… especially in the most sunked middle part of the monument.

I am certainly looking forward to visit its underground museum…