What happen to me…… I am back on a desk drawing plans for a shopping-spa mall.

Life is hitting me from Monday until Friday for the last 2 weeks and will for 2 1/2 month more. I started to work for my old good German company here in Berlin. As you can imagine it is less fun then I thought. The project is ugly and I am in the Katzen-room in the office.. fare fare away from ALLLLL my colleagues. OK not all. I am sharing the ex-manager-room with a very nice women.

To work is less interesting then to meet my friends again on a everyday basis. This is what i really like. The rest is what I get payed for. Jing and my money is burned down to a very little tiny amount that will last for a few more days but then…… God knows…..

Today it was hot hot hot here…36 or so Degrees and no Aircon… I am melting….