On Monday at 12.20pm (9 July 2007), I was sitting in this nearly empty classroom waiting for the class to start. I suddenly felt ill as my heart bit rised, cold sweat on my palms as well as my stomach hard as a stone. Ah! anxiety, anticipation, scare, or perhaps even horrified by the fact that I am being a student and learning a foreign language… I had been a teacher for more than 10 years and I used to envy my students to be student instead of I be a teacher. But now…

At 3.30pm, my first class was over. I walked out with one text book, one exercise book, and a head full of excitement as well as stress. This course started on 2 July, I am one week late. I was bombared by more than 100 alien words by my highly animated teacher Olaf on my first lesson.

‘Wie heißen Sie?’
‘Wo wohnen Sie?’
‘Wohen kommen Sie?’
‘Ich heiße Chiang.’
‘Ich wohne in Berlin.’
‘Ich komme aus Malasien.’

ich wir dü ihr er sie es die das der programm interessant lesen lernkarte musik negativ schön hören suchen plural ntioanl fahren politisch hotel name zeitung zimmer wort diskette dialog tisch buch heft baby satz park lerntipp verben adjektive nomen… and so on and so on and so on… komme kommt kommen kommst… what else?

Great help from Alex and Sean to assist me making up the missing lessons…