Finally after 2.5 weeks intense travel through Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy as well as Germany, I am very glad to be back in Berlin – Our temporary resting place in Europe. It is indeed a good decision as compared to our original plan for a slightly longer journey through these countries. Money is running out too fast for renting a car and putting up accommodation in hotels, entrance fees for sightseeing etc. I am still putting off checking our bank account at this point to avoid a possible heart attack.

Now, my biggest interest is doing laundry, buying groceries, cooking a few delicious cum simple meals, updating our blog etc. NO SIGHTSEEING! In Berlin I am fully domesticated. Unfortunately while I enjoy the pleasant daylight sitting at home as well as walking through the neighbourhood, poor Alex is starting her work in her old architectural office tomorrow.


A brief account of visiting these countries gives me a glimpse of their capitals and sightseeing spots. One big ex-factor on our trip is travelling by car. Oh! We fully enjoyed it. It gives us great opportunities to visit some out-of-bit places as well as flexibilities to go wherever we want other than relying on public transport to bring us to this big cities. A huge THANK YOU to both Alex’s brothers Georges and Sasha, and of course both spouses Ellen and Janine, who support us in many ways. Georges and Ellen provided us valuable information regarding where/how to go and Sasha helped us to rent a car, Janine’s German roadmap set us on the right path. Alex our full time driver, Jing the nevigator, and of course Sean, the muscle man cum peacemaker, who is able to split Alex and Jing by hanging us seperately on each of his hand while we fight. Driver and nevigator don’t always go well along!