To break our long journey from Munich to Quedlinberg, we stopped over for lunch at Nurmburg. The day was overcasted and slightly rainy… not an ideal picturesque day but great for capturing details.



On this trip, Alex generously taught me how to stick my nose into every church which stand on our way. Everytime we do that, we either find the church which is lock (not usually), or partially lock (usually), or the best is – we discover the whole new world in it. Rule of thumb: take off your hat before entering a church. This time, in the majestic church of this little town, we deeply enjoyed the music…


‘Nurmburg is one of those pretty little medieval towns for which Germany is so famous. It is strategically located inbetween Halle/Leipsig and Weimar, in the very scenic Saale-Unstrut wine country. It can be hurriedly seen in a two-hour break but really deserves a day.’ Lonely Planet, Central Europe.