Watching the handsome gondola rowers negotiating their paths along narrow canals reminded me of the traditional boat rower of Inle Lake in Myanmar. Nowadays, the gondola rides in Venice seem mainly for tourists. Travelling with them along the canals look really fun but the fare is unbelivable expansive. It costs as high as Euro120 per boat for a 45 mins ride.


‘The gondola has been a part of Venice since the 11th century. With its slim hull and flat underside, the craft is perfectly adapted to negotiating narrow, shallow canals. There is slight leftward curve to the prow, which counter-acts the force of the oar, preventing the gondola from going around in circles. In 1562 it was decreed that all gondalas should be in black to stop people making an ostentatious show of their wealth. For special occations they were decorated with flowers.’ Text from Eyewitness Travel Guides, Europe.



Among various mean of transport I am particularly fascinated by the traditional boats used in many countries. Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, India and now Venice. My favorate is still the Myanmar one in Inle lake.