By the time I arrived Venice, I felt visually indigested from being through three capitals in a row. Prague, Budapest and Vienna share similar city set up – The Rathous, the Opera, river cruise, churches after churches… While Venice offers unique landscape and it was indeed very refreshing. Of course, a big thumb up for Venice Biennalle art exhibition which brought me there.


Upon entering the city, we were stuck in traffic accident for more than an hour. sign of a bad start! Later, after dumbed our car at Tronchetto parking house, we spent another 2 hours in search for our hotel. We went to a residencial neighborhood which the street name was written on our sheet, but couldn’t locate the hotel. The locals were more than helpful though. When asked the first person for help, he seeked help from another one across the bridge and in a split second the whole neighborhood was vibrated by the melody of Italian. It was wonderful!


Our hotel is not even located in Venice. It is on Murano, a small island North of Venice. It costs us 25Euro for a 48-hours vaporetto (water bus) ticket to travel between these 2 islands. For some reason I love Murano for her quietness though it was such pain in the ass to move between Venice and Murano. It took one hour each trip.