What the hell are  embassies these representation of countries actually doing in Berlin? I haven’t figured it out yet. Well my understanding of helping people with issues of their countries is shattered by statements of many institutions now. We are now here in Germany in the so called 1st world country and sure we don’t want to stuck here for ever. So with a lot of time in front of us we started to arrange our trip back to Singapore.

We don’t want to go by air which is the easiest way, NO we want to go via land. So our first choice was the Transsiberien railway. Great 7 days on a train through Russia and Mongolia all the way to China. So we made a list with all the countries and started to call the consulates to check our visa status.

1. Poland – “No problem, no visa needed for both of you.” – We are lucky!!

2. Russia – “German you are welcome to apply for a visa. Malaysia… where the hell is Malaysia. No we are sorry no visa application is accepted. Please apply in your country of residence in Malaysia.” – What?! In 3rd world countries like Thailand or India the embassies are able to accept and approve a foreign visa!!!! What shit is this?

3. China – “German you are welcome to apply for a visa. Malaysia…”- same sauce as in Russia.

With our alternatives route we had to face the same. I can apply as a German and foreigner only if they have a status of residence in Germany. Strange strange… so know I actually don’t know anymore what are embassies for? Maybe it is nice to have representatives all over the world for parties or nice to spend money and not to promote your country.

If somebody can help me understand I would be very thankful.