In Berlin I am not be able to read a thing (well, I know some simple words now such as WC, Eingang and Ausgang), no magazines, no newspapers and books, no full Internet access. Oh yes, the German computer keyboard and the… Arbeitsplatz, Datai, Bearbeiten, Ansicht, Chronik etc. on the screen… TV and radio don’t communicate to me the way I prefer, and the Hollywood movies on the German channels are speaking in this strange language. At time, the melody of German language has become nails scratching on chalkboard for me, after one month on and off in the country.

I feel isolated! WAWAWA! Though my travel soul mate Alex has done her best to make me feel comfortable, but with the language barrier I can barely survive!

Anyway, life is still going on and I have to learn to live with this. Germany has offered me great deal of art opportunities and expereince which I never had to face. Hope in time to come I learn the trick my dear friend Sean Lacey had acquired – TUNE OUT! As a Canadian he once lived in Korea for 2 years, and it was the first time out of his country.

And perhaps the alternate approach would be buying a German language program and learn as fast as I can!