After 11 month I lost a bit the spirit of our traveling. Why do we travel and what is the purpose of all this trouble and challenges we have faced and face at the moment.The challenge we are in and which stirred my thoughts is the Visa situation of Jing here in Germany.

I was asking my old architecture office KSP in Berlin if I can helpout during my stay in Germany. Well it might be possible and I can earn some extra money from July until September. That means we need an extension for Jing’s visa here from 90 day’s to 180. All possible official ways seems to be blocked and I am near to give up and just let it be. If the German authorities are so tight and inflexible then I don’t want to stay in my old home country any longer then necessary.

With this hard awaken we called our dear friend Suzie in London and started to tell her our visa-headaches. “How wonderful that you can face these challenges. These are opportunities that you only meet because your on this adventure. The trip is to be open to take opportunities that comes along. Then you can decide if you feel good with and proceed or and you don’t feel comfortable with it and to leave it. Don’t forget you are on a journey in all levels of your life.”

Her words brought me back to our start. Yes we were so excited to go onto this trip, free to move around where ever the wind blows us and to pick up opportunities when ever they cross our way. And here we are. Berlin has a lot to offer for us and so we hope to find a way to stay on here for thew next 4 month and enjoy it.