Not only the picture of us proofs that we went nuts.

The story of going Dublin made me think I lost my memory and thoughts. After haven’t been seeing us for 2 years my friend Ilona was inviting us to her new place in Ireland. What it means to have her apartment without having her flatmate around we understood only after the visit. A tiny tiny place with dwarf-rooms is her little house in the heart of Dublin. I tell you with her friend around it would be unbearable. So it was our chance to go.

In beginning of May she called and gave a green light for our reunion. ‘My crazy flatmate is off! You can come… NOW!’ I still stuck with my decision for a few days but finally I made a move and booked the flight tickets with Ryanair. We were happy and excited. Next day I received an emergency call from Ilona. ‘OH NO! You got the wrong weekend.’ Shit, I had mixed up the dates. Fast as the wind I changed the tickets but I paid my stupidity. Well no choice…


Ryanair is very VERY expensive as soon as you need to change the tickets. Changes get paid not by order NO by person and single trip. We were lucky not to have a stopover I bet the would still want to charge this too.

Next time I will remember to be very sure before ordering a ticket because Europe is expensive.