While we were still in Long Pasia last July, Nooh, our forest trekking guide and the ‘King of Forest’ was constantly mentioning about a hidden lake someway in the forest. For years he was trying to find it. “How do you know there is a lake?” I asked. People saw the lake from the plane… a long time ago 3 villagers found the lake but it disappear for 4 generations. He answered. “Nowadays there are devices called GPS can help to track the location of the lake.” I suggested. Nooh against the idea of using modern devices. As a MAN (human) he should find it himself using his bare instinct and knowledge of the forest. Wow! I respect that.


Colleen’s recent email brought us great news!!! They finally found the lake!! It is now called, ‘Senipung Lake’.


‘I drink the water of the Senipung Lake, fresh and smelless, clear and no fish. Next time I will bath in the lake ;P’ She wrote on her email. Yaaaaaaa! I can’t wait to visit the place!!! Ultimately, I am still a Sabahan and I am proud of the new finding. Thanks Colleen for contributing photos of Senipung Lake.

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