Updating our blog in India constantly posts great challenge for us. Most of the local Internet cafes are not catered for our needs. It is nothing new for us to sit for hours and nothing gets done. In the Northeast at Siliguri, we found a chained Internet cafe cum Web-based online service called ‘Iway’, where we bought their membership card and able to access their chained cafes all around India. The cafe there was great, and we within 4 days we updated 30 blog posts to fill the missing gap. Unfortunately in the South Iway is nearly non-exist, or if we are lucky to find one, its machines are old and slow, its cafe is poorly maintained.


I remembered after arriving Bangalore, the so called, “Silicon valley” in India, we were walking along M.G. road for 2 hours in search for a decent Internet cafe. Along the way we found some which use very old computers and the hourly rates were also super cheap. They looked like a dying trade here.

Around 10pm, we were tired and frustrated. Mind you, if you ask for directions in India (especially if you are a woman), the Indian usually just simply point you to any directions even they don’t understand your question. It seems to me that to say, “Sorry, I don’t know.” is beyond their cultural norm. That was what happen to us that evening… we were totally lost in the human jungle of the highly commercialised district of Bangalore.
However, in the most despair, miracle dropped from the sky we found the Reliance World, another chained cafe uses web-based Internet service.


We first saw the Reliance World in Channai, but we didn’t get any deal. In Bangalore we had a deal with the care taker which we paid IR22 (US$0.55) per hour. While stayed in Mysore for a month, we negotiated with the Reliance World there. So, we both bought a membership card cost IR750 (US$18.63) for 53 hours access to the computer.

Thereafter, we used Reliance World in Varanasi and New Delhi…