‘Scoble and Isreal really understand the issues of corporate blogging well. They discuss why it’s important for businesses of all sizes to engage in this new form of communication with their customers and of course, the danger of not participating.’ Michael Gartenberg, Vice President & Research Director, Jupiter Research

‘Naked Conversations… covers the bases with real-world examples and insights for anyone who might have a stake in communicating, or conversing, in an era in which subjects can be exposed and laid bare at Internet scale, and participation and honesty rather than obfuscation and subterfuge hopefully prevail.’ Dan Farber, Editor in Chief, ZDNET

‘Biz Blogging… WORKS. It is of … MONUMENTAL IMPORTANCE.’ From the Foreward by Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence

‘After 10 months of diligently blogging while travelling, especially seeing our blog stat went up to 11,000 hits (an average of 1100 hits per month) as well as people visited Long Pasia via reading our posts, we wonder what is going on. Naked Conversations answers our doubts and wonders…’ Jing