What can I say good about Airtel… mmhhh let me think… soon I will find something… well need more time for searching…

Oh yes it is never boring at any time, there will be hassle that keeps you busy. Now again I lost money around 300 IRs and I don’t know why. We went to Nepal with a fresh filled phone. I thought Lumbini is so close to the border that I probably still can use the phone. No way. It is strange I had reception and Airtel network but I was unable to call out. The nice lady on the voice recorder told me that I am not allowed to use this feature. OK, it was a try. I also tried to send sms. I got a send sign on the display but no charge was made so I guess nobody received the message. So again just a try.

I switched of my phone and went for retreat for 1 month. Later in Kathmandu Airtel send some information about recharge options per sms. They can send but I cannot… OK that’s life. I still had over 350 IRs on the phone and once back in India I would just use it up. Surprise! In March one sms from Airtel had my account balance printed below with only 49 IRs, where are my 300 IRs gone? I don’t know and from Nepal there was only a way through public phone and to my cost. Patience brought me back to Delhi and I called the good old service number for free 121.

After fighting through the voice box labyrinth I ended up at Ms. Sibi who couldn’t help me except to tell me this:

1. We don’t have a record of your account because you are from Karnataka
2. Call Karnataka number to contact the service centre there on your own cost, of curse not for free
3. Her suggestion was that I had to pay 300 IRs roaming fee even though the phone was switched off

I don’t understand why I have to pay when I switch of my phone? Well it was only her suggestion from her professional view. Then I called Karnataka and fought again through the voice box system reaching finally a nice male voice for some help. I started to explain everything as short as possible again remembering my low account. ‘Let us have a look, I just need to get your information and I will put you on hold for a moment.’ This was the last I heard after 1 minute I got kicked out of hold and the connection stopped. This time 17 IRs left. 2nd time I ended up at an option in the voice menu with a dead end. No way to go back to main menu or to reach the helping hand I needed. 7 IRs left and Jing took over.

It cannot be that a India wide provider like Airtel cannot help over regional. What is this? So Jing called 121 and reached Ms. Neda with similar result as me. No help possible except one new number that should lead us direct to an officer and again call to be payed by us.

Next try will be soon but honestly Airtel sucks and I will not choose them again.