We are very careful with our bags and so we don’t like shops where you need to store your bag at the entrance. Yesterday we made a short shopping round in New Delhi and popped by at nice book shops at Connaught Place. India is for me ‘THE’ book country. We are sad that our budget doesn’t allow us to buy lots of books and ship them home. Great variety and cheaper editions are available nearly everywhere.

In a very sweet book shop an old lady was sitting at the cashier and promised us that during the deposit of our bag there is no way that something can happen. We trusted her but not the open shelf directly at the entrance easy to reach from outside. So we passed the bag to her to store below her desk. It was very cute and she did it willingly. We didn’t buy anything but had a nice chat with her.

We actually loved Oxford book shop since we discovered a great store in Kolkata. So after searching for one hour we discovered it. At the entrance the same bag-storage thing. So this time it was with nice cabinets without locks OK but with a security guard behind the desk. So we took out money and left the phones inside. ‘Do you have any money inside?’ the guy was reminding us but we had took it out already. What can honestly happen with security protecting our bag.

The book shop is unorganized and has not the grant flavor of Kolkata at all, more or less a bit crappy but with a nice Cafe inside. After 5 minutes it was clear we cannot find what we want and I felt an urge to leave this place thinking of the bag somehow. But then Jing was happily cruising through the shop so I let it be too. We found a great book on blogging and got it for ‘personal improvement’.

At the counter getting back our backpack I don’t know why but I checked the itinerary.

‘My handphone is gone.’ that was all I could say. Everything was there even Jings handphone which was black and at the bottom of the bag. I had stored my hp in a little side pocket and now the place was empty.