‘My phone is gone.’

I think I got a shock. First I was searching like crazy the bag keep thinking the phone must be there somewhere. Shortly I was questioning my mind and memory too. Then realizing that 5 male security guys were watching me I screamed loud out and smashed my head on the floor. The next I remember is that i started blaming me for not following my instinct to take out the phone in the first place then I started shaking over my whole body and Jing told me to sit down. My little knight took over when I could not be rational anymore. A young assistant approached us and tried to figure out what was going on and Jing explained. He wanted to confirm with me but I didn’t had enough air to speak and all that came out was a wisper ‘Yes I remember… it was there… inside.’ Then I sad down on the stairs holding my head and feeling sad and getting angry.

How can it be that the phone disappeared? What kind of security guard is this? How… how… how…

The senior manager appeared and started to reconfirm everything again and then lecturing about not leaving important things inside. I screamed at him to keep this for him self. Jing again took control over the situation and asked him to explain to us how the phone can disappear in the first place. I was like up and down and I think everybody got scared seeing me shaking and traumatised nearly fainting. I got constantly offered water. The program went on as follow.

1. The manager was trying to call my phone but no ring appeared around us.
2. We exchanged numbers of his and Jings handphones so that he can inform us about the result after searching through all his staff cabinets.
3. Jing called her friend Sri in Delhi to check out if she can file a police report.
4. The manager was sending us in the shop with AC and drinking water for a cooling down and to wait for a bit longer.

Jing didn’t went inside with me so I was waiting for 2 minutes alone at the Cafe for a cold water. I became emotionally calm again, happy that Jing’s phone wasn’t lost and that I had transferred most contacts from the phone into my paper notebook. Suddenly the assistant manager came.
‘We found your phone.’
‘What?’ – I didn’t get it.
‘We found your phone, please come?’

At the door I bumped into ‘Mr. Security’. He was the one who took my phone and he is the one who lost his job that day. I felt sorry for him, everything for a stupid phone. Outside the manager was trying to put the battery back into my phone. The guard had taken it out so that no call was possible. Very smart. He just didnt’ count that I would check my bag. His own risk. We both were so happy to get back our belonging and I hugged the 2 managers which were so helpful. We are not so sure if the staff would be so supportive if I had not a crash down and Jing wouldn’t check the option of filing a police report. But we really don’t know. A bit of making a fuss is part of this situation.

Sri told us that there is a number printed inside the phone that makes it possible to block the phone itself independent from the provider. Well we have now copied down every number etc. we could find inside. Just in case lah.