That was our worst trip to come going back to Delhi from Nepal.


Everything started off from Pokhara in Nepal. We arranged tickets for the 7am bus on the 15th to the border town Sonauli. Even though bus prices are overcharged it didn’t make sense for us to walk all the way down or to go by bus to buy the ticket in order to save money because taxi cost one way already 80NRs to the bus station. OK we were a bit lazy also. We ended up paying 400NRs/per person.

Reaching the station early in the morning the so called Tourist bus was the most dirty one waiting for us. It was a public bus that might goes a bit faster, who know but the driver picked up many locals from the road. He had to we were only 4 foreigner on board. Never mind it was not to bad until we got cheated at the border. Our ticket indicated Sonauli as end destination but we got kicked out at Butwassar bus station. With 4 people there was no bargain power at all and we had to swallow the frog. Once jumped out of the vehicle bicycle rickshaw driver came like crazy to get us as client, they started grabbing our luggage and get into fight with each other. Finally the police came and got them quiet.

So we had a 20 minutes ride to Sonauli border. We crossed ruffly at 3pm to India and decided to proceed to the next train station in Gorakhpur 2.5 hours away. The next hassle started with the shared taxi companies. No way to get a price down to 100IRs each but we got it finally to 120 each. Five of us and 3 locals shared the taxi. Our luggage got cramped into the Landrover and our trip started. The aged car went off twice and needed a push. After 1 hour the driver had an urgent tea break but the rest was OK.

We reached Gorakhpur at around 6pm and started our ticket search. After 4 ticket counter approaches we got only 5 sitting seats for the 17 hours ride. Well first each counter told us different stories about the length of the train ride varied from 7 hours up to 12 hours. At the end with some extra money at the reservation counter we got a sleeper and we were happy again. For the waiting hours we rented a nearby Hotel room and took a rest.

For the ongoing trip we were so stupid. Nobody of us went over to double check the train departure time. After going back to the station at 11pm we had a 1 hour delay building up slowly to an 3.5 hours delay. Instead of starting at 11.25pm we departed at 3pm. At the end you are just happy that the train comes at all.


It was so warm in the train. Within 2 month out of India the climate became unfriendly hot. It wasn’t fun. Our arrival in Old Delhi was finally at 11pm on the 16th. We had been nearly 2 days on the road, kept changing transport and now we just wanted to get a room for a good rest.