After few days looming around Lakeside in Pokhara, we lost our fine taste bud. It seems we can only have 2nd or even 3rd class Western food in the local restaurants. Yes, tons of restaurants here and most of them offer similar breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Some offers Chinese food too, but I was sick of the so-called Chinese food such as choumen (fried noodle), fried rice, momo etc.

There is one expansive Japanese restaurant which we can forget about it; a Korean restaurant which I shouldn’t even think as I was still recovering from diarrhoea plus gastric pain. “When you are sick, you better eat food that you are used to.” Alex commented. So, we tried the Chinese restaurant.


The first night we climbed up the little metal stairway to Yi Xiang Ge, a half-year old Chinese restaurant and found it closed due to running out of gas. Though disappointed but facing 4 young gentlemen with apologitic expression, we promised to drop by the next evening and we did. Since then, Alex and I was happily visiting this restaurant practically every evening. Yi Xiang Ge stands out of the crowd by offering simple but authentic Chinese cuisine.

Our favorite dishes are veggie steam dumplings in sweet & sour soup; veggie fired dumplings, stir-fry green veggie as well as the ‘san shi liang chai’ (apetizer)… Yum Yum! It is not a vegetarian restaurant but the cook was happily offering what we like. The food brought our hearts right back to Singapore!!!! We miss home terribly!


What I feel amazing is the restaurant is owned by 3 young people, all in their 20s. Two of them from Beijing, they are Xang Dung and his sister and one Nepali… After 7 days we became friends…