This morning, out of boredom Alex and I decided to indulge ourselves in the expansive Internet Cafe in Pokhara. Guess what! Colleen’s email sends us back to Long Pasia in my hometown Sabah. It was a pleasant surprise!!! While seeking Colleen’s approval, we decided to post it on our blog!!!

Hello Jing,

Yesterday, have a good chat with Nooh Dawa in KK. He told me about his traininig for the Raleigh International Group ( around 14-30 persons in different group). They learn trekking in the jungle Long Pasia-Kalimantan, building camp, fire making, everything about “how to survive in the jungle” most of them were foreigner age 17-25 student.

The group leader, a foreigner from England shown to Nooh about an article about Long Pasia and Nooh’s story together with Nooh’s photo which was printed from the internet. The leader just wanted to confirm if the photo was NOOH……… guess what?? the moment Nooh shown me the article, I was so happy when seeing the title “LIVE IN TIME, LIVE IN SPACE !” Nooh is wellknown and people came to see him in Long Pasia through your website.

Nooh told them you guy was the first group from Bukit Rimau to Maga Waterfall ( your photo in the website leh !! the one clear with leaches socks ). And I & Felicia was the second group trekking from Bukit Rimau to Maga Waterfall. I drink the water of the Senipung Lake, fresh and smelless, clear and no fish. Next time I will bath in the lake ;P

Nooh is very happy and warmest regards from him to you and he is waiting for you to be backed again to Long Pasia, this time the hidden lake calling…………123

Thank v v v much my dear friend, write more about Long Pasia. 

Best Regards,