After a whole night rain, this morning was having a clear blue sky and the weather was great. The rain obviously cleared up the dust in the air and the early morning ray shines onto the field… we were walking upon the scenic ranges – young sprout shoot up from the field presented fresh greenery, the everlasting terrace formation, the staggered cemetries along the path, all made our trip worth.


2 hours ago we departed Gatlang, decented into the valley where we were scheduled to have lunch. While our stomachs were still busy digesting breakfast, and since our guide Sum didn´t know what to do, we decided to proceed further.

The next path was accenting to Chilime, where the village stretches through a large piece of land in various altitude. Another 2 hours had passed and we started to get hungry. Our guide Sum had communication problem with the villager as most of them speak their local dialages. We couldn´t find any tea shop along the way. “Go and ask for tea from the villager.” We were sure every family has tea to offer. Sum was initially hesitated but eventually he went for couple of the households but unsuccessful. Most houses were empty or only little kids were around, as the adults were all in the field.

While we were barely walking, we arrived Chilime no. 6 and where we got a little groceries store which served us 2 bottles of coke. We shared our biscuits with Sum and after a short break we were heading to the final destination for the day – Totapani (means hotspring)…