“Where is you water bottle?” Alex asked Sum. “I don’t need water.” Sum replied. We were about to start a 4-5 hours hike from Syabrubesi to Gatlang via Goljung today. Yesterday, we realised Sum didn’t carry his own water, and drank out of ours bottle, so we made sure we were not carrying water for him. As a guide Sum’s performance was far from satisfaction…

15mins to 9 we finally departed for our first trekking trip in Nepal, it was a sharp climb from Syabrubesi (1470m) to Goljung viewpoint (above 2000m). We were climbing up the agriculture terrace field with minimum shade and shadow, which soon brought us the heat and exhaustion. “Oh my God! I can’t remember how hard it was when we were trekking in Sikkim.” Alex commented and she could barely walk. ” I am really not ready for this.” I said. The sun, the heat and the bare landscape just didn’t look attractive at all.


We arrived Goljing viewpoint before mid day. It was windy and sunny, the view was partial cloudy and the beautiful snow mountains were hiden behind the dust. More negative feelings developed on me for this trip. To proceed further, I started to feel energeless and every steps took me great effort. We decided to skip Goljung village as we need to climb down and up again to proceed Gatlang, while Goljung viewpoint to Gatlang was straight ahead.

Lunch time, the only hotel on our way had closed down due to lack of business. The only option was to proceed Gatlang where our evening stay in the community lodge located. Another 2 hours walk with limited food and drink, Sum shared a part of our water and biscuits as he brought nothing for himself nor us.


Picture shown exhausted Jing taking her rest while Alex took some photos on the path.