We were introduced to Tamang Heritage Trail (near Langtang National Park) while we were checking out a possibility to cross from Kathmandu to Mahendranagar and out to India. Travel agent Shiva from Nozomi Treks & Experdition (Kathmandu) has a heart full of enthusiasm, seemingly more than just want money out of us.

After hearing and considering our given condition carefully – no too high altitute, not so touristy and prefer a bit of social-cultural exposure – he suggested the new Tamang Heritage Trail which has just opened 2 years ago, offers ‘a peek at the Himalayan life-style and culture.’ It is an easy 5-days hike, starts from Syabrubesi (approx. 9-10 hours local bus ride to the north of Kathmandu), the trail includes couple of local lodges and homestays. Sounds exotic! After careful consideration, counting money and checking our schedule, “Lets go! Though we aren’t keen to trek on snow mountains, we should at least see some local villages since we are here.” We finally decided to go on the trip.


In the evening, we were introduced to our guide Sum, a young and gentle-looking Nepali, quite tall in regards of local height. Oh, good. At least he can probably help to carry something if we are too tired! Trip departs tomorrow early morning!