Food is something during the retreat where only 2 meals get served and food consumption after 12pm is forbidden. There are approximate 3 main advantages with food.

1. Each gong for food marks the end of one’s sitting meditation
2. Finally the hole of one’s stomach get filled
3. For lunch it will mean after food half an hour rest and remember it will be your last meal for the day


Food was plenty on the buffet every time I went to the dining hall. Delicious self baked bread and muesli in the morning. Yummy. Then the vegetarian lunch with great salad and chocolate as dessert were my favorite, especially the veggie with the soy chunks. After a few days my stomach was trained to be hungry at the right time and not having food in the afternoon seems to be OK.

Interesting is to encounter the different types of eater during food the retreat:

1. The Pushy one – they try to be the first at the buffet but if they are behind you in the queue they will be always closeup or overlapping with your actions to make sure that you do not delay the food-taking process; you will see their plate is always well filled never less.

2. The Sleepy one – slow and extremely patient are their movements, nearly as they were dreaming, they don’t care if you are behind them nearly fainting for hunger and will take their own sweet sweet time; their plate is accurate filled, better less then to much

3. The Ordinary one – this kind is somewhere in between type 1 and 2, the majority of the eaters, they built the buffer between Pushy and Sleepy to reduce complications, try to be mindful when taking food but not to slow, try not to overeat themselves but remembering that the day is still long

4. The Jing one – behaving like type 3 but they forget that there are only 2 meals a day, the food portion is amazingly `little´ and only God knows how they can survive.

That I had changed occurred to me one day during lunch time. It was served my favorite salad and I was happily eating taking even some more of the delicious food. Full and contented I drank the hot coffee and eyed on the Kit Kat that was supposed to join the drink. I felt nicely filled. Strange what would have been no problem to squeeze into my stomach, my secret chamber not long ago now became an issue of deep thinking. Imagining the next sitting meditation and that it will be difficult to concentrate with overflowing stomach.

So my dear friends if you believe it or not, the only piece of chocolate for the next days was put back by Alexandra Zech without hesitation. Mastering your desire… wow