Upon entering the meditation center, my first instinct reaction of seeing the walking meditators is – Opps! They look weird! Everybody are dressing in sloppy looking cloths, some partially cover their faces with shawls, hair goes all direction and heads are pointing down, eyes staring either blankly or on their walking feet. Facial expressions are generally pale, blank, bitter, pain, extremely serious, totally absorbed into their own world. Though this is not the first time I have been to the center, I can’t help but think, ‘This is how we get liberated?’ Strong stream of sceptical doubt arises in my head.

Sure enough, I am so use to seeing the world dressed and coloured with garlands, cosmetics, perfumes, adornments and ornaments. Suddenly here I am confronted by their bare appearance. ‘But soon I will be one of them.’ This was in my mind.


In the silent meditation hall, everyone is given a single mosquito net, and as many sitting cushions as one’s like. Meditators build their little nests at every corners with one thing in common – all are facing the beautiful Buddha statue in the hall. We usually give three bows to Buddha, for Him giving us strength and appreciate Him for sharing the great practise. There are a wide variety of sitting styles in the hall. Meditators design their own style to their most comfort sit for long hours. Thus, the wisdom that gain from one’s meditation also goes to one’s way to arrange his/her sitting cushions and how one’s legs are crossed or folded – simply amazing! Usually beginner meditators pile themselves with as many cushions as they can, to give a psychological support to their spines as well as maximizing physical comfort to their folded legs. Some blind folded their eyes while meditating; some put on a pair of huge ear plugs; one cover her face like batman; while another simply covers herself completely with black cloth and sits on a chair in an extreme corner. It took me several days to notice her as she is totally blend in the dim hall.


Constrain of senses and incorporate mindfulness in every act do put me into another reality which has a complete different experience of perceiving time, space and interrelationship among meditators. Though verbal communication is prohibited but our interrelationship grows in a silence way…