This is my second time entering the meditation complex. The first time was in summer 2002, which I did a 3-weeks retreat. This time, I am pleasantly surprise that the center has tremendous improvement – beautiful garden, ponds and greenery, well maintained living quarters, meditation hall, and of course the home-grown vegetation which served on our lunch table!


The blooming flowers give touches of life and colours in this peaceful place, and the wonderful sound of ‘gong’ serves the purpose of wakes us up in extreme early morning or marks an end of a meditation sitting or starts of Dhamma talk or it’s eating time!


“Please constrain your senses…” Resident monk cum our meditation teacher Ven. Vivekananda had said. “It is hard, around me is so beautiful now.” I replied honestly.


Ven. Vivekananda is still as lively and friendly as when I first met him. With him around to conduct interview, I am confident that my meditation progress is ensured. Ven. Vivekananda and the two resident nuns are indeed the highlight of my retreat. They vibrate an unusual peaceful aura that sufficient to lead me through the ups and downs.


The meditation center is sorely depending on volunteers and is run in an organized manner. During my stay I have seen some meditators-to-be come for a few days but unable to withstand the hardship and go. On the other hands, they are also several very serious meditators around who become my role models.