Why not doing a Buddha sightseeing tour in Uttar Pradesh and Nepal was one of Sri’s suggestions.


All most important sights connected to Lord Buddha are close to each other. Starting with Lumbini where he was born to Bodgaya where he gained enlightenment to Sarnath where he gave his first teachings to his first 5 decibels to finally Kushinagar where he entered Parinirvana and passed away.

Our time schedule was to tight to fit all in but with Sarnath close to Varanasi we would have a chance to visit at least one important site in India. The place is easy to reach by auto rickshaw. Compared to Lumbini it is very small scale area. Like in all important Buddhist places near by settled monasteries can be visited too.


The whole area is a park like setting up where the major attractions are fenced up and can only be entered from the main road. The place who is believed Buddha gave his first teachings is indicated by the huge brick Dhamekh stupa . We could see it from outside and decided to make our way to the main gate. Following the row of tourist luxury buses who were parking along the road we reached the ruins of the abandoned monastic place. It was stated that here once 3000 monks studied and lived together. Due to the Muslim invasion and the rise of Hinduism the place got abandoned.


Lucking through the fence we decided that this view is enough for us and we went on to have a look at one Tibetan monastery.