What I enjoyed so much during our stay were our strolls along the Ghats. We were staying at one end of the river at Assi Ghat. In the mornings strange music and singing brought us out of our sweet dreams and signaled the end of the night. Now we know it was the pilgrims at a very unnoticeable temple Asisangameshvara near our guesthouse to praise the ‘Trembling Sun’. This music really happened every sunrise but it is not sweet to listen to. The best credit for me to give it was we didn’t need an alarm clock. However, most of the time we tried our best to stretch our rest until 7am to catch a breakfast before walking along the river.


In our short stay we went 3 times up and down and took pictures over pictures. Varanasi is so inspiring. To go out in the morning to see the people proceeding their rituals, bathing in the Ganges river, children walking to school at the more quiet atmosphere is amazing.



While later into the day when ventors come the peace had gone. You can feel the energy of this holy place. It is then no wonder that Varanasi is very very touristy. I speculate that everybody coming to India and if only for a 10 day’s trip will have this city on her or his list right beside Agra.


It was for us the stop worth.


Varanasi is incredible. First time is eight months I shoot like no body business.