Our last destination before heading to Lumbini in Nepal had to be Varanasi. Due to our meditation retreat time was kind of fixed. I remember saying our friend Warren at Darjeeling that Varanasi is a great city besides the flies that always try to grab a bite from your plate. He mentioned that eating will be only one-handed because the other will constantly fanning the insects away. Didn’t sound delicious but interesting.


So we cut down our luggage and stuffed all unnecessary items in Sri’s house, jumped onto the next train to the holy city. The first encounter I had of Varanasi, the train station didn’t look impressive at all and I wondered if we jumped off at the wrong station. It had a small town character only with hundreds of tuck-tucks waiting for you. I forgot to bring the guide for Varanasi so we didn’t know where to go and where to stay. Peeping on other travelers we discovered some Japanese and Jing went to get tips and maybe to share a cab to town. We were lucky as one of them turned out to be Taiwanese. With A-Chi, 2 Japanese and us 2 we had enough bargaining power to press down the overpriced rickshaw prices. Sure enough the driver was counting on Hotel commission and tried his luck by dropping us at a Guesthouse of HIS choice but with help of A-Chi no problem at all. “Why are we here? Common we asked for Asi Ghat. Lets go!” That is all he needed to say and the driver put on his bitter face but had no choice then driving us to our agreed final destination.


At the Ghats there are millions of guesthouses and restaurants and we didn’t had a problem to find a place. With our first rest we discovered a delicious apple crumble at Asi Ghat in a restaurant including a great view over the water. That made it sure for me to stay close and I promised myself to eat at least every day once a piece. I need to a taste-butt-rest from the common Indian and semi-Chinese food. Honestly.