It is highly advertised to do a boat ride in Varanasi on the Ganges river along the Ghats. Thousands of boat man were trying to catch our attention for that spectacle. We didn’t know if we want and just kept walking along the coast ignoring the ‘good price madam’ and ‘special discount sir, ups sorry madam’. It wasn’t a good idea to stretch. One hour later we decided to go and with A-Chi together we tried to find a boat but suddenly we couldn’t find one. All gone. Mystical like Singapore on some Sunday’s when out of the blue all families of the city decide to go for window shopping to town. Is like a call and you fight with stop and go for hours and cannot find a parking place at all.


Finally we got one but bargain was bad and we ended up paying good tourist price. We payed 50IRs for each for 1.5 hours instead of 50IRs per hour per boat. It was a beautiful ride. Only the boatman sucked. ‘Very hot madam…very heavy work sir…Sun very hot…You are going very far, very heavy work madam’. If he would have been paddling OK but he stopped all the time cleaning his mouth of beetles with Ganges water, taking of his shirt and taking a rest to talk more nonsense. We were busy to keep him going.


When I burst out that the only thing he is doing is talking and it cannot be hard work because he is not sweating a drop he finally stopped and kept his mouth shut until we went of the boat at the Man Mandir Ghat.


Our afternoon walk back was much more peaceful with all the cow dung, along with the sadus and tourists.